Golf Fore Life: Warrensburg Golf Courses Overview

Written by Clarissa Nivens, Reporter

  There are three golf courses in Warrensburg – Hidden Pines Golf Course, Royal Oaks Golf Course and Mules National Golf Club. However, out of all of the three, Mules National Golf Club is the favorite amongst many students and community members. Players say they love the feeling of being connected to the University of Central Missouri and so does the staff. This full service, 18-hole Golf Course is enjoyed by Warrensburg golfers, Kansas City golfers and many of the university golfers. UCM Junior Golf Athlete, Matt Hoemann, said he enjoys taking his daily swings out at the course. 

  “You could be out there for two to eight hours.” Hoemann said. “The best part is masks are not required once outside the pro shop. As long as we’re not in the clubhouse, we don’t have to have our mask on.” 

  The only effect COVID-19 had on the course was that it increased cleaning procedures and business. Golf carts are being washed after use and the business areas are being sanitized every hour. 

  “About a month into COVID-19, our grounds exploded because bars, businesses and restaurants were closed, and golf was the only entertainment dollar being spent,” Assistant Golf Professional Paul Chamberlain III said. 

  As previously stated, many golfers come to Mules National Golf Club as a way to stay communal during this time of social distancing.

  “We have definitely become a destination course,” Chamberlain said.

The coronavirus forced a lot of people out of work because of business closures. As a result, people had a lot of spare time. Golfing at the course is an opportunity for the public to get away and use their spare time. 

  “Being out there in nature helps slow down the world and make you forget about the pandemic,” Paul Chamberlain said.

  There are also two heated bays so golfers can go out and take a few swings in cold or rainy weather. The maintenance and golf course employees work hard to keep the course clean and safe by following sanitation standards and providing well-kept scenery. They say they work to ensure the players’ happiness and relaxation.

  Similar to Mules National, the Hidden Pines golf course has also received some benefit and loss due to COVID-19 and has adopted similar cleaning procedures.

  “Covid has caused business to slow down on the food side, but golf has been booming,” said  Cheryll Stoner, the Hidden Pines Golf Course manager. 

  The course itself is known to be very well maintained and welcoming. It gives the golfers an exciting experience that keeps business going. 

  “I like the environment and diversity of the place.” Cheryll Stoner

  The Royal Oaks course has also seen an increase in business as individuals spend their newly-found spare time at the golf course. A cashier, Alyssa Yoder, said they are more busy on the weekends than weekdays. 

  “The weekends are usually extremely busy,” Yoder said. “The weekdays however are on and off depending on the day of the week.”

  Royal Oaks is known by players to be especially challenging because of the obstructive woods and narrow layout.

  Having three golf courses in Warrensburg gives golfers the opportunity to explore their options. Each golf course is different in their own way that gives each player a new and different experience.