Title IX Procedures Updated

Written by Meah Copeland, Reporter

 Title IX, a civil rights law, is based on protecting people from sexual misconduct on campuses. It was updated in May by the United States Department of Education and the University of Central Missouri made updates as well. On May 7, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke about the Title IX changes to a reporter at Inside Higher Ed. 

   “The new regulation will secure due process rights for students who report sexual misconduct and for those accused of it, by requiring colleges to provide live hearings and allowing students’ advisers to cross-examine parties and witnesses involved.” DeVos said.

  “UCM’s commitment to equal opportunity and efforts to eliminate all forms of sexual misconduct remain the same.” said UCM Title IX Coordinator Corey Bowman.

  Bowman mention that the most significant changes to the policy include the new definitions of sexual harassment, which is a requirement for a formal complaint to be filed either by a complainant or the Title IX Coordinator. 

  “The goal of the new Title IX regulations and UCM’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Grievance Process is to provide equitable treatment and a fair process when addressing sexual misconduct, while still protecting the University community,” Bowman said.

 To report sexual misconduct, contact the police department or call Public Safety at 660-543-4123. An online form is available at ucmo.edu/titleix under the reporting options.