Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 3): Roy Millen


Written by Muleskinner Staff

This week on Faces of UCM we interview three-time Emmy-winning producer Roy Millen. Millen works for KMOS-TV, located on campus at the University of Central Missouri. 
Millen won his awards producing Missouri Life, a travelogue program that gave its viewers a glimpse into the Show-Me State’s hidden treasures. 
In addition to his documentary production, Millen is an avid fantasy football player. Fantasy football provides a chance for fans to step into the role of a general manager of an NFL team. Drafting a football team from current NFL players, competitors play out the season to see who comes out on top. 
According to The Washington Post, in 2017 there were approximately 59.3 million people playing Fantasy Football in the United States and Canada.  Millen has been in the Warrensburg Invitational Fantasy Football League since 1995, with a group of friends he made during his college years at UCM. Millen says he has found that competing in this league every year has made watching football each week even more enjoyable because, “it definitely gives you something to root for.” 
Tabulating rushing and passing yards, touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, and much more for the past 24 years has made Millen an expert when it comes to who to play each week. As the first ever back-to-back champion in his league, Millen shares his insights on how to prep for any of your upcoming fantasy leagues.