Finding fun in crafts

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Stress is always an issue for everyone, young and old, male or female. And there are plenty of ways to deal with stress from listening to ones’ favorite music all the way to simply taking out and reading a good book. However, some of us are a little more hand’s on. We need something that gets us involved with our hands, like crafting for example, or painting.
Crafting all night longer, an event that was put on Feb. 18 by Spotlight members such as Ashley Brocksmith, was the perfect place for those that liked to work with their hands. The event offered activities that one would expect from the title crafting.
Activities included wooden picture frames for people to paint and decorate as they pleased alongside some canvas panels for those who simply wanted to paint. There was a plastic bead and stencil design option where one could create an intriguing design before using a hot iron to meld the plastic beads together, and there was even some colorful origami paper for those who felt like simply folding cranes and paper boats.
Earlier I mentioned one Ashley Brocksmith, she, along with some other members, was responsible for making sure this event went off without a hitch. Brocksmith said she worked at Spotlight’s Price is Right event that happened in January and she helped with several other Spotlight events including Welcome to Los Vegas, Wear Red, be Proud, and was a tour guide during the Tunnel of Oppression last week.
All in all, I feel Brocksmith did a fantastic job keeping the night going. Every time something was needed she would be there to help in what ways she could, whether it be something like gathering more supplies or helping someone with their craft.
This and much more was offered during the very relaxing event. I took a picture frame and a canvas panel to paint and design as I wanted. Before I knew it, an entire hour had passed and what started out as three tables full of people had suddenly tripled to around eight tables full, with at least 16 or 17 attendants.
Many of these fellow students were painting or creating interesting pieces at their own leisure, happy to simply be doing something other than stressing over tests and midterms for a change. Perhaps my readers should keep an eye out for any other Spotlight events? I’m sure everybody could use something of a break for a change and let loose that creative side.