Ambrose back at full health after trail accident

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Managing Editor

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — After fracturing his pelvis in a bicycle accident over the summer, President Chuck Ambrose said he is now 100 percent healthy and back to hitting the trails.

Ambrose was riding his bike Wednesday, June 29, in Tabernash, Colorado, when he took a wide turn going about 27 or 28 mph.

Ambrose told the Muleskinner in August 2016 the trail was covered in loose sand and gravel, causing him to taco his front wheel and fall. Ambrose fractured his pelvis in three places.

After the accident, Ambrose said he was put in traction because of the pain and impending surgery. He said minutes before his scheduled operation the surgeon suggested not going through with the procedure. Ambrose said the doctor told him he couldn’t guarantee any better results with surgery.

“I had a little kind of twinge of ‘Well that’s good news,’ because I was all geared up for anesthesia and how extensive it was going to be and what I’d feel like when I came out,” Ambrose said during an interview with the Muleskinner in August. “But that was like way overshadowed by this just tide of feelings just saying – ‘Whoa. That’s good, but how the heck am I going to get out of bed?’”

Ambrose said his doctor gave him a course of treatment that called for a minimum of 12 weeks without any weight bearing. Doctors promised him he’d be back on his bike sooner than later.

During a media opportunity Friday, Jan. 27, Ambrose said he is back at full health and able to ride once again. He said his doctor gave him some good advice going forward.

“’Don’t fall off.’”

Denise Elam contributed to this report.