Ask Adalyn: graduate school

Written by Muleskinner Staff

I’ve been considering going to Grad school at UCM but am worried I’m settling because I don’t think if I go somewhere more appropriate for my degree I’ll be able to afford it as easily… I’m at a crossroad, what do you think?
The choice of where to go after you finish your undergraduate degree is a daunting decision for any student. graduate school is a beneficial and often times required next step for some students, and it can often be difficult to know now which school would be your best option for your future success.
Right now I would evaluate your future career goals and current skill sets. Where would you like to be in the next 10 years? I would not suggest that anyone would compromise that dreams and goals for the fear of financial instability, but I would suggest that you come up with a plan and a strategy that would help you achieve these goals.
For example, is there a way that you could utilize your skills and put your specific career interests to play while at UCM, even if it may not be in the classroom? Your degree speaks volumes, but employers often look for experience and honed skills when recruiting.
However, do you see the other school option as a way to obtaining these goals you have for your future career, to sacrifice the extra price in return and fully commit to your coursework?
Good luck on your future studies!