Study for finals

Written by Muleskinner Staff


(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Before you can leave for winter break you have to study for your finals. You have to just study more so you have a better grade on your final. Before finals week, you have to start studying. It’s not very fun to do but you will have a better grade in if you put in the work.

Finals week is coming up quickly, Dec. 5 to 9. During finals week you have less days to study, so work on it now. One perk of finals week is that you only have to take your exams and you don’t have to sit through class lectures.

Here are some tips that will help you ace your finals. Try to study at the same times each day for all finals in all of your classes. Start with the most difficult subject first so you can get it out of the way. Stay motivated while studying by remembering to take care of yourself. Get good sleep first before you can study for finals. Have hot coffee, hot tea and cold water to drink. Take 15 minute breaks to study better. Make a checklist and get the satisfaction of crossing tasks off your list after you are done. Ask professors questions about your finals if you have any.

Talk or chat with friends about your studies. Your friends can help you study for your finals, because they might have the same classes you do. Review your notes from class. Your notes can help you in your final week. Use a planner for your finals to know when is your final is, what day and time to take it. Eat a very good breakfast before your final.

When you are all done with all your finals, you can finally relax from studying too much, doing homework and going to all of your classes.

Take advantage of winter break. Now it’s your time to relax and spend time with family. This is your chance to be free from dorm rooms, lack of sleep, alarm clocks and homework. Enjoy it.

Sara Foos is a THRIVE intern reporting for the Muleskinner. THRIVE is a two-year program to help intellectually- or developmentally-challenged young adults build skills for transitioning from home to independence.