Breaking tradition: Spotlight hosts comedian off campus

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Spotlight brought comedian Dulcé Sloan to Traditions at Pertle Springs Wednesday, Sept. 14, deviating from its usual comedy venues on campus.
Erin Wides, Spotlight’s comedy coordinator, said the change was intentional.
“One of the different things we did with Dulcé is we had it at Traditions,” Wides said. “With every other comedian we’ve had it on campus so it’s the same atmosphere, people are so used to it.”
Wides said bringing a comedian to Traditions and having them perform outside on the patio made for a perfect night.
“I think that kind of help set the tone, people really enjoyed it,” Wides said.
Spotlight partnered with Traditions to provide attendees with some free food, and students 21 and over were able to purchase their own alcohol.
Wides said comedians and performances are well-attended at the start of the semester, especially during Week of Welcome, but attendance numbers plummet as the semester progresses. She said Beth Rutt, director of student activities, pitched the idea to Spotlight because she hoped a change of scenery would help increase the number of students in attendance.
Wides said the attendance goal for the event was 100 people. The final headcount was 63. She said she isn’t discouraged though.
“That’s awesome for a comedian,” Wides said. “So I’m definitely happy with it.”
She said previous comedians have drawn numbers as low as 30.
Taylor Kemna, Spotlight’s recreation and leisure coordinator, came out to watch Sloan perform. She said the food was perfect and she loved the change in scenery. Kemna said she wants more students to come to comedians.
“The more interest there is in comedians, the bigger comedians we can get,” Kemna said. “Dulcé was on Conan, and we’ve had comedians who have been on TV before, so the more interest there is in comedians, we are more able to get bigger comedians.”
Wides said Sloan was both funny and relatable, with many of her jokes focusing on college, sororities and parents.
Keema said that although attendance didn’t meet Spotlight’s goal, the event was a hit and Wides is doing a good job choosing comedians.
“I’m really excited to see all the rest of the comedians she brings,” Kemna said.
Spotlight hosts a new comedian every month and hopes attendance rates will increase to 100 people per show.