Love for God, love for people

Written by Muleskinner Staff

For the Muleskinner
(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — A decade-long relationship with God has turned one student into someone with a heart for others, self-discovery and continuous learning.
Since the age of 8, Daniel Gilmore, freshman psychology major, has had a passion for God. At that young age, Gilmore got saved at a conference called Battle Cry.
“It was my first time praise and worshipping,” he said.
Gilmore said he had a personal encounter with God, and since then, he has felt the need to be upright. As a preacher’s child, he is also active in his family’s ministries.
The 18-year-old St. Louis native graduated from Lutheran North High School but never intended to move to Warrensburg for college.
“I did not choose UCM,” he said. “UCM was a last resort. I always wanted to go to Morehouse College (an all male, historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia) but my mom wanted me to stay one year in Missouri to get acclimated to college.”
Gilmore said he is a motivational speaker and has a passion for women to know their true worth. Since high school, he has been speaking to young women, empowering them through God and helping them build self-esteem. Gilmore grew up in a household with his mom and sister.
“It was a struggle being the man of the house, me dealing with girls at a younger age, seeing how much hurt they had,” he said. “(The experience) inspired me to do something about it.”
Although Gilmore’s work is positive, he does not always get positive feedback from his male peers.
“In my line of work, I’m surrounded by girls,” Gilmore said. “People will say, ‘Oh, you’re gay,’ because I am not trying to have sex with the girls.”
Gilmore said he plans on saving himself for marriage. He also tries to give advice to young men, letting them know that people will put them on a pedestal, and there will also be competition.
“Always remember, your brain is your brain,” Gilmore said.
Keyontae Richardson, junior social work major, said Gilmore is one of a kind.
“I am so happy I got a chance to meet him,” she said. “Whenever I have children, I want my sons to be like him.”
Although Gilmore remains humble in most situations, Briana Dalton, who went to high school with him, said she liked the fact that he tries to uplift everyone around him.
“Daniel has been this way since high school,” Dalton said. “It makes me proud to see him bringing his voice to college to motivate young college women.”
Gilmore said his main goal is to create a platform.
“You owe it to yourself to be everything God intended you to be,” he said. “In order to be what you can be, you have to know what you’re intended to be.”
Gilmore said people owe it to God to live out his calling for their lives. He believes if they keep God first, they will be able to do that.