Letter to the editor: Green Dot coverage

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,
I am writing today to express my disappointment at the lack of coverage on Green Dot, UCM’s new violence prevention initiative, in this week’s issue of the Muleskinner (Oct. 1, 2015). This week is indeed launch week for Green Dot, featuring many special events and programs. Green Dot is a program that our entire campus community must know, and in which we must all participate. As the print voice of the university, professing to bring “the latest news (and) events,” it is the responsibility of your newspaper to cover such sweeping initiatives, especially those which depend so heavily on community buy-in.
The message that Green Dot works to spread on campus and to those looking upon us is that violence is not tolerated here at UCM, and that we are all expected to do our part to prevent violence from happening. There are few better ways of disseminating this message than coverage in our university’s newspaper.
Thank you for your time,
James Moran
Coordinator of LGBTQ
Communication and Outreach
Office of Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support
University of Central Missouri