Letter to the editor: Swap shop harassment

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,
The event in discussion started simply enough. Someone on the Warrensburg Swaps and Sales! Facebook page inquired as to where one could donate unwanted clothes. I suggested Big Brothers Big Sisters, while many others suggested Salvation Army to “support their local community.” I added my two cents and informed all the reading posters that I wasn’t sure if it pertained to the conversation, but I refused to donate to Salvation Army as they were anti-gay, and posted a link to my sources after people began verbally attacking me. One fine woman proceeded to inform me that if I thought the Salvation Army was full of ignorance, then by proxy I thought the Bible was full of ignorance, and should be hung. At this point I stooped to her level of intelligence before she proceeded to inquire as to my sexual orientation. I turned off notifications and proceeded to my place of employment.
About six hours after the event took place, I get a message from the administrator of the page informing me that I have 30 minutes to comply and delete my comment or I would face a life ban from the page. In short, I refused to do so, and upon inquiring about the woman who assaulted me’s status, was informed that “it didn’t concern me” and that she “had deleted her comment like a big girl.” I got the underlying impression that the admin and the offending party were friends, and proceeded on with the rest of my shift. You’ll notice on one of the pictures that she supposedly “asked for proof of my statements” and that I “couldn’t provide evidence” even though I had almost immediately posted proof in the initial conversation, which shows that at this point she is blatantly lying to the public and backpedaling to cover her tracks.
At this point I made a vague status update about how “I got banned from the swap shop for refusing to negotiate with terrorists” (or something along those lines), which led to a handful of friends inquiring about the status and going to the swap shop to argue (unasked) on my behalf.
Feel free to forward this to the appropriate people on your paper’s committee, and I am always available via email for further questions.
John Ezell