Try sporty chic for a week



Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — As college students, if we could wear workout clothes on a daily basis, we totally would. They’re comfortable, easy to mix and match, and quick to throw on in the morning – even if they aren’t the most fashion forward. However, there’s a way to pump it up!

Shelby Bilbruck
Shelby Bilbruck

Sporty chic is a style that either takes some sort of athletic clothing and puts a stylish spin on it, or takes nonathletic clothing and gives it a more sporty feel. Perfecting this style may be about what clothes you have, but it also depends a lot on how you put the outfit together.
To accomplish this trendy tomboy look,  start by looking for athletic-inspired pieces that don’t look like they should be worn to the gym. From joggers and shorts to tank tops and sweats, it’s all about the material. In addition, search for dresses, skirts and blouses that have stripes, are in solid colors or have good structure to them.
Pair your more athletic pieces with other clothes that aren’t so sporty – try to keep a good balance between the two styles. This is what creates the sporty chic look instead of the full-on athletic gear style.
A solid black leather skirt may not seem like something that should be sporty, but if paired with sneakers and a neon tank top, it instantly goes from girly or grungy, to sporty!
This style is perfect for those who like to wear sweatpants to class. I usually nix the sweatpants and try jeans, but for the sporty chic style, a pair of sweatpants are a must to include in your wardrobe. The trick is dressing them up.
Take your favorite pair of comfy sweats and match them with a fun graphic T-shirt or a slouchy white one – instead of a shirt you bought for an organization you’re in.
Next, don’t grab your athletic shoes like usual. Reach for a pair of boots or rad sneakers to give it a more relaxed vibe instead of an athletic one.
Lastly, don’t be afraid to add accessories into the mix! Big bangles or a thick gold chain necklace is just that extra bit you need to push your outfit into a style that perfectly balances feminine and tomboy looks.
Before the next time you throw on your sports shorts, T-shirt and running shoes for class, try mixing it up a bit to create your new sporty chic style!