Group wants to build tiny house village in Kansas City

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(KANSAS CITY, Mo., AP) — A nonprofit group says it would like to build a neighborhood village of tiny houses somewhere in Kansas City and city planning officials are interested in hearing more details.

The Tiny House Collective of Kansas City is considering building houses between 240- and 350-square feet in a 12-unit village that also would include a common building for use as a kitchen or laundry room, said Joshua Farmer, president of the group.
Farmer said he learned at a recent meeting with Planning and Development Department officials that existing city codes permitting cottage house developments would allow the tiny house village.
“They couldn’t have been more receptive of the idea,” Farmer said.
The main hurdle appears to be some environmental aspects the group wants to include, such as off-grid solar power and composting toilets, The Kansas City Star reported (
“It is an interesting concept, and we are interested to see what this involves and what they can propose to us,” said Patty Noll, city planner. “There are certain situations where it may or may not be allowed within the city.”
She said the city would consider some changes to its zoning ordinances to allow the tiny houses.
The Tiny House Collective must next submit drawings and possible locations for the village, which the group says could provide home ownership opportunities for low income residents.
The group also needs to find three adjacent parcels and have them rezoned into one. The group has identified three sites in the city’s urban core that could meet its needs.
Farmer estimated the development could cost as much as $400,000. The Tiny House Collective is exploring financing options through Missouri Bank and is seeking sponsors.
If all goes as planned, building could start as early as spring 2016, Farmer said.
Information from: The Kansas City Star,