Senator Pearce's efforts honorable

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,
With Missouri elections being a wild west in terms of campaign donations, reform is desperately needed. Billionare Rex Sinquefield from St. Louis is one example of how large campaign contributions need capped. Rex has already donated over $1 million dollars to multiple Republican candidates for the 2016 election. These candidates are simply bought and paid for to advance Rex’s agenda.
Senator Pearce introduced a bill this legislative session that would cap donations to candidates. Statewide candidates could receive up to $5000, Senate candidates up to $2,500 and State Rep. candidates up to $1,250 per election.
In today’s political environment, that was an honorable gesture even though it would never pass in the legislature. Asking elected officials to put a cap on contribution limits to their own campaigns won’t work. Missourians need to pass a ballot initiative that would curb the donations.
We need to recognize that our voice is meaning less and less when billionaires are able to buy candidates. Money is corrupting our Democracy, and it’s time we the people did something about it.
Mike Watts