OATS offers ‘paratransit’ services

Written by Muleskinner Staff

People who have special needs can now benefit from a new busing agreement between the City of Warrensburg and OATS.
The Old Drum bus will continue to pick up riders at designated stops and will deviate for pickups close to the route. A new “paratransit” service will operate door-to-door, according to a news release. Many of the former deviated pickups will become paratransit stops, allowing the Old Drum bus to remain on schedule for the route.
The paratransit service is available for riders who may require additional assistance, are too far from the route for deviations, or are physically unable to make it to one of the scheduled stops along the Old Drum bus route, according to the news release.
The paratransit service is not “on-demand” like a taxi service. Riders are required to provide OATS a 24-hour notice when calling to schedule a pickup. Scheduling is done on a first-requested, first-scheduled basis.
OATS operates various types of vehicles from sedans to 19-passenger buses. All of the vehicles have the “OATS” name on them and not “Old Drum.” The fare is $1.50 each way, and the drivers accept cash or tickets to make it as easy as possible for riders.
Also, there are other contract services available to Warrensburg residents. OATS runs a senior center bus that operates in town five days a week and has an area-wide service that goes from Johnson County to Kansas City and other areas. People who are eligible for Medicaid can call their Medicaid broker to schedule trips that are often set with OATS.
For more information, contact OATS at 1-800-276-6287.