THRIVE student joins The Muleskinner

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by BEN EDWARDS, for The Muleskinner
My name is Ben Edwards and I am a student in the THRIVE program at UCM.  THRIVE is a two-year program for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities so they can experience campus life.
Before I came to UCM, I went to Johnson County Community College for three years and started the JCCC Autism Spectrum Support Group. I also went on NBC News with Chris Hernandos.
I currently take THRIVE classes in addition to regular UCM classes, and will continue studying at UCM after THRIVE.
During the third semester with THRIVE, students participate in on-campus internships.  I chose to do my internship on The Muleskinner because writing is my passion.
I will be learning to copy-edit and I will be writing stories as well.
I talk about my college experiences on my blog, Ben’s Blog, at
When I’m not in class or doing my internship, I enjoy reading poetry, running on the treadmill, flute-playing, bird-watching, crossword puzzles, and planning travels across India, the Himalayas, Mongolia, and Europe.