Supporting Stoppy

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,
Anyone who knows me personally knows I am unable to sit on the sidelines and watch as any person is personally attacked. That seems to be what is happening to Prosecutor Lynn Stoppy here in Warrensburg. Some may say my addressing this issue in this manner is not appropriate for a business. I disagree and here is the reason why. The horrific and tragic death of Blaine Whitworth is a community issue. No one felt the loss of this promising young man more than his family and friends. But as a mother and a business owner I feel his loss has a great impact to our entire community. We tragically lost one of our own; a promising young Businessman was killed in the most cowardly fashion. The light that would have been his life story was extinguished too soon.
There are many conspiracy theories generated over this story. The one I’d like to personally address is regards Prosecutor Stoppy. Prosecutor Stoppy was elected by the residents of Johnson County to uphold the laws of Missouri. That is her job. She didn’t write these laws. She merely assures justice is served for the State and residents. I cannot imagine the heartbreak she must have felt when speaking to grieving parents that she would be limited in finding Justice for their sons’ tragic and horrific death. She is a Mother and wife herself, I am sure as she sat across from grieving family members she felt the heartbreak deeply and passionately. She is not the cold, bloodless person portrayed thorough the media. The Community wants justice, deservedly so. Her job however is limited by the laws she’s bound to uphold and defend. It is our Job as residents to work to change the laws we feel are unfair and unjustified.
It was disappointing to me that the truth regarding this case has been treated as a smorgasbord of misleading facts. There seems to be a media bounty on our Prosecutors head. For instance when a certain individual was being released various statements were submitted regarding the decisions made by Law enforcement and others. No statement was more misleading and telling to me as the one line printed from the entire Statement written by Warrensburg Chief of Police Bruce Howey. One line was printed! However, the entire statement given by the Defense attorney was printed. We have a right to expect the truth be presented to us fully and accurately, especially if it comes in written form.
The other upsetting part for me was the implication that ONLY Prosecutor Stoppy was receiving a raise. That made front-page headlines, raising the ire against Prosecutor Stoppy. What wasn’t reported accurately is that she isn’t the only Prosecutor getting a raise; this was not a decision she made. In my opinion the facts of the case were conveniently distorted highlighting the unfair persecution of Prosecutor Stoppy. There have been multiple letters printed in condemnation of our Prosecutor and NO “approved” letters of support. I can assure you I am not the only person disappointed by the written events regarding this case. There are plenty of conspiracy theories regarding this case and it is obvious to me that Prosecutor Stoppy is in someone’s cross hairs. Unfortunately the attack is not happening from a rooftop but from a printed forum of misguided and misrepresented information and events. It is obvious to me there is a personal hidden agenda against Prosecutor Stoppy and the personal onslaught of condemnation against her will not cease any time soon.
Perhaps local residents would find the conspiracy theory against Prosecutor Stoppy laid to rest for the events that happened regarding this case, in reading a nauseating account of what “really” happened in “Obama interview that no one heard” by Jack Ventimiglia-Star-Journal Editor, posted Tuesday August 6, 2013.
I love our Community. It is unfortunate that we are being treated like a flock of sheep that cannot think for themselves. Herded together to persecute an elected member of our community, deflecting us from the truth! Personally, I see our community more as a pack of grieving brothers and sisters ready to stand shoulder to shoulder to defend the tragic loss of one of our own.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to this young man’s family and friends.
In closing I pray the community would find comfort in knowing that had Prosecutor Stoppy been able, residents would have seen full Justice Served in the senseless death of the fine young man Blaine Whitworth.
May he rest in Peace.
D.M. Eich