Take the Bite: Sushi

Written by Lillian Tate, Reporter

  The popular Asian cuisine, sushi, has been around since between the third and fifth centuries B.C. What once started as a way to ferment fish with vinegar has now become a delicious mainstream dish across the world. From Americanized crunchy California rolls to traditional Japanese nigiri, there’s sushi for everyone. So why are so many people opposed to trying it?

  As an avid lover of sushi, some may be surprised to discover that I, too, used to be anti-sushi. Raw fish? No way. It wasn’t until I was peer pressured in a hibachi restaurant that my eyes were opened. Sushi is the best way to get that perfect bite every time. Whether it’s cucumber, crab, salmon, cream cheese, avocado … the possibilities for a sushi roll are endless. 

  A lot of people’s problem with sushi stems from picking their food apart. Sushi is meant to be consumed in one to two bites. It loses its flavorful appeal when you pick it apart ingredient by ingredient. So stop that! Drop your dignity and get that whole piece in one bite, you’ll thank me later. As for the raw fish, you’ll be shocked to discover how delectable it actually is! Take it from someone who has tried a wide range of raw fish from salmon, to tuna, to squid and even eel! Each slice of fish has its own savory and sweet profile, and no two fish are the same! Besides, the practice of sushi crafting and serving raw fish has been around for many glorious centuries. You will never be served any gross fish when you go to a good sushi restaurant, so take the plunge and try something new! Honestly, a great place to start for anyone curious about sushi is right on campus! Check out the amazing crunchy crab roll at The Grid in The Union.