College is much more than an education

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Kristin Gallagher, Business Manager—
KristinThe end is near!
This school year is coming to a close and summer is in sight. Through the past four years of my life, this has been my favorite part of college; the part where I get to put down my pen, throw away the papers and use my computer for something other than research papers.
Perhaps this seems negligent of me in the sense of being studious, but there is good reasoning behind it. College is not just about class, homework, research papers and grades. College is not just an experience that exists between the months of August and May. No, college is so much more.
The definition of college has become more than an institution in which to acquire a degree. In fact, college is no longer a thing as much as it is a lifestyle. There is a feeling that is associated with college that raises a sense of giddiness within my soul. It’s a feeling that I am going to miss when I graduate next weekend.
College is no longer a “school year” thing. College is being young in the summertime with your friends. It is taking road trips and breaking rules. It is dancing, partying, laughing, crying, breaking up, making up, making friends, making enemies, discovering yourself, loving yourself, and learning about everything in life that makes you happy.
So yes, this is my favorite part of college. Where I get to take that time for myself to realize exactly where this experience is taking me.
Only this time, I get to say goodbye. This is the point where all of those college experiences prove beneficial in showing me exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I am so thankful I took that time to realize that.
So my advice to you all is take that time. Make your own interpretation of college while you still have the chance. It can be anything you want it to be. It is, in its nature, tailored to suit you as an individual. I may not walk off campus and instantly become a famous photojournalist, but at least I know that is what I want to do.
So thanks, UCM. You have fostered my creative tendencies and encouraged my desire to learn about myself. You have given me the direction to thrive within my studies and the freedom to grow as an individual. The education was great, but the insight I gained about myself and the people around me were even better.
Enjoy the summer, fellow students. Make it your own.