"Doctor Who" makes Wi-Fi scary

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(Photo courtesy of BBC America)
(Photo courtesy of BBC America)

Story by JOSHUA LEONARD, for The Muleskinner—
The Doctor is back in the mid-season premiere of “Doctor Who” in the episode “The Bells of St. John.” Stephen Moffat, writer and show-runner, continues to amaze all of us ‘whovians’ with exciting story-lines and characters.
The episode starts off with the Doctor in solitude posing as a monk in 1207. The Doctor has been searching for “the girl twice dead,” aka Clara Oswin Oswald.
The TARDIS personal phone rings and the Doctor races to answer, only to find out that Clara is on the other line.
Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, does a great job of playing with his audiences’ emotions. When the Doctor is excited, you cannot help but feel excited.
Now, going back to my previous statement of Moffat’s brilliant writing; “The Bells of St. John” is all about modern technology and the use of Wi-Fi Internet. Everyone uses Wi-Fi for a multitude of reasons.
In the Doctor universe, there is a Wi-Fi connection that looks alien and if you connect to it on your device of choice, your consciousness is stolen from your body and trapped into some sort of a cloud server; a form of harvesting.
I thought this concept was simply fantastic. It really makes the show relevant in today’s society and is a way for audiences to connect with the show.
So, of course, the agency hosting the alien Wi-Fi tries to go after Clara, and the Doctor is there to stop it. If you have never seen “Doctor Who,” this episode would be a perfect way to get into it.
“The Bells of St. John” is a great Doctor adventure and the Doctor even rides a motorcycle.
There are seven more exciting and thrilling episodes to go this series and we have the 50th anniversary special later this year with Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, and the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant, coming back.
Very exciting stuff for “Doctor Who” fans in 2013. Stay tuned for more reviews of everyone’s favorite time-lord.