"The Walking Dead": "Home" episode

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner—
Sunday’s episode, “Home”, should have been the mid-season premiere. “Home” gave “The Walking Dead” fans everything we want out of season three.
Spoiler alert: “Home” starts where we left off with the end of “Suicide King.” Rick is still off his rocker and chasing around a dead Lori throughout most of the episode.
Glenn is still on the war path trying to take lead of the group while fortifying the prison in case The Governor attacks. Hershel is trying to keep the peace and get things back together, so Glenn takes a truck and drives around to check out the exposed back of the prison.
Daryl and Merle Dixon are off doing their own thing in the woods. Daryl keeps trying to convince Merle to go back to the prison, but Merle is reluctant due to him almost beating Glenn within an inch of his life, amongst numerous other things.
The Dixon brothers see a small group of survivors on an overpass getting attacked by a group of ‘walkers.’ Daryl does most of the work saving the survivors as Merle strolls through, killing ‘biters’ that get close to him.
After the survivors are saved, Merle decides to raid the survivors stuff, but is stopped at arrow-point by Daryl. As the survivors leave, Daryl decides to go back “home” to his new family at the prison. Merle reluctantly follows.
Back in Woodbury, The Governor and Andrea keep having their little boring drama that most would like to fast forward. The Governor tells Andrea that he is not fit to lead the people in Woodbury anymore and Andrea should lead them. She wants to go to the prison and talk with Rick and crew to try and make some sort of treaty.
Later, Andrea is looking for The Governor, but he has left Woodbury to go on a run for supplies. It’s a nice cover up by the scientist that no one knows his character name.
Back at the prison, Hershel talks with Rick, trying to convince him to come to his senses and lead the group. All of a sudden, gun shots are heard and are fired at Rick. Rick takes a dive.
The Governor and his crew are revealed as they are attacking the prison. An all-out war breaks loose.
I do not want to give anything else away during the amazing gun fight at the end of the episode.
This show is always full of twists, turns and surprises that keep the audience on edge, and I love it. I absolutely cannot wait until the next episode to see what is in store.
Stay tuned and read next week for more on “The Walking Dead.”