Inclement weather: What not to do

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by ELLEN BECKER, Managing Editor—
EllensmallerI often find that when it comes to snowy, icey weather, people tend to forget how to function normally.
Therefore, I’ve decided to share some tips and tricks for surviving the upcoming winter weather.
1) Dress warm.
I don’t understand when it’s 16 degrees and snowing outside, and I see people walking around campus in jeans and a hoodie. At least put on a hat or some gloves.
2) Park normally.
Even if there’s only an inch of snow on the ground, it seems people can’t remember how to park their cars. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven through the Wood parking lot to see multiple cars squeezed into spaces sideways and backwards. Just because you can’t see the lines, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Use your memory.
3) Don’t wear high heels.
Girls, even though that cute pair of pumps would look really good with your outfit, try to refrain. I’ve seen countless people slipping on snow and ice at the expense of looking good. It’s just not worth it.
4) Drive responsibly.
Even if you’re running late, speeding in the snow will only make things worse. It’s better to make it to class late, than to be stuck in a ditch waiting for a tow truck to come rescue you.
Overall, practice common sense. If you think it’s a bad idea, it probably is.