Photo Society helps students develop skills

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by MORGHAN BORDERS, for The Muleskinner—
“I was that kid that ran around with the disposable camera, and my mom would never be able to take it out of my hand,” said Photo Society president Lily Williams, a senior majoring in portrait photography.
Williams discovered her love for photography at a young age with a disposable camera and a desire to capture unforgettable moments. Williams joined the Photo Society her freshman year at UCM, and in the fall of her senior year she was elected president.
The Photo Society provides bonding opportunities between students who share the same passion.
Junior Michael House decided he wanted to major in photography after falling in love with capturing still photos of nature during his stay in Hawaii.
House, along with his peers, senior Katie Williams and Expo representative Josie Zanti, finds weekly photo contests and daily pranks to be a few perks of being a part of their organization.
“The things that go on in our department, you’d think we were back in middle school,” Zanti said. “We have professors that come out of the heating vents that connect to other rooms.”
However, the biggest highlight of all would be the Photo Society’s 31 Annual Expo in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library April 15.
The expo showcases the talent of UCM’s students who have worked hard throughout the school year.
The print collection, which is open to students, as well as faculty and staff willing to submit their photography, will be held April 3-5.
Photo Society was created in 1982, and has since continued to expand, evolve and transition to fit the needs of its members.
Williams said that as her organization continues to grow, she wants Photo Society to be more involved in the community and around campus.
Photo Society is always looking for new ways to put their talent to work.
Whether it is with other organizations, individual requests or photographing different events, Photo Society is a great close connection to have.
For more information, you may contact Williams at (573)881-4190.