Schwarzenegger: He's back! Bigger and badder than ever

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Joshua Leonard, for the Muleskinner—
“Hasta la vista, baby.” “I’ll be back.” “Get to the chopper.” “It’s not a tumor!” When seeing these quotes, we instantly know exactly who made them famous.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in his latest film, “The Last Stand,” which came out last week.
“The Last Stand” is about a drug cartel leader whom escapes from a court hearing and is racing to the Mexican border, and Schwarzenegger is the only thing in the drug leader’s way to stop him.
This flick is a total 80s-style action movie. It had all the aspects from my favorite 80s action films and threw it into an hour and a half thrill-ride. And yes, Schwarzenegger graces us with some new favorite one-liners in the film.
I did, however, have a fairly big issue with Johnny Knoxville in “The Last Stand.” I am not a particularly huge fan of his, unless he is doing stupid things and hurting himself with the other idiots in his group.
Besides that one flaw, “The Last Stand” was a good action film. I would recommend this to any Arnold/80s action fan out there.
“The Last Stand” made $6.19 million opening box office weekend.
New to theaters this Friday are: “Parker,” starring Jason Statham; “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” starring Jeremy Renner; “Movie 43,” starring a slew of top A-list actors; and “John Dies at the End.”
Stay tuned for another review next week!