Photo Gallery: Action at the Missouri State Fair

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Photos by Kurt Rodewald


SEDALIA, MO – Tuesday was Missouri farmers Care Food Drive day at the Missouri State Fair. Fairgoers were able to save up to half on gate admission with the donation of canned food.
The State Fair runs through Aug. 19. Today is Thrifty Thursday with 
$4 gate admission all day for ages 13 and over and $1 for ages 6-12.

Kate Niemeier (left) of Bloomington, Ill., and Cheyenne Jatson of Vandalia, Mo., pass the time between shows in the Sheep Pavilion making “Kayenne Jewelry,” their version of what they call cowgirl jewelry.

Rex Mortensen of the Missouri Conservation Department speaks to families outside of the Conservation Building on how to control nuisance animals around the house. The MCD conducts different informative presentations to teach fairgoers about Missouri wildlife.

Participants of the “Best Pair of Hampshire Breed” competition line up their entries for judging in the Sheep Pavilion.

A sea lion of the popular “Sea Lion Splash Show” comes up for air in the stage pool. The show repeatedly draws packed crowds during the fair.