Pair of Central students are bodybuilding their way up

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Sophomore Jared Feather strikes a side pose ripped in the men’s physique category during a bodybuilding competition Oct. 13. (Photo submitted)

Story by Andrea Lopez, for The Muleskinner—

 What started as an opportunity to try something new, turned into a discovery of a hidden talent for sophomores Jared Feather and Hawk Harris.

Learning about an upcoming bodybuilding show just a short four weeks prior, Feather and Harris decided to give it a shot and could not be happier with their decision.
Competing in Arnold, Mo., on Oct. 13, alongside eight other competitors in the Men’s Physique category, Feather took first with Harris placing second.
As rising bodybuilders, Feather and Harris put all their effort on the stage and proved themselves by taking home the victory.
The preparation, skill and mental toughness all play a major role in the success of bodybuilding.
Despite only having four weeks to transform into competition mode, the pair did not let that faze them.
Instead, they immediately began to change up their style of workouts by increasing their cardio exercise and by eating differently to drop their body fat index.
For Feather, training time means headphones are in and the worlds off.
With his mother inspiring and motivating him along the way, there was no turning back.
“My mom was into competitions before she was pregnant with me and then she had to quit due to a brain tumor. I want to get on stage for her,” Feather said.
“When I finally did, she was just so ecstatic and overwhelmed. It was the best feeling in the world, because that is what she wanted to do when she was younger.”
With adrenaline rushing through their bodies, the anticipation only increased Feather and Harris’s confidence as they waited for their chance to shine on stage.
“If you are really into it, once you get there, you don’t need anything to pump you up,” Harris said.
Growing up with a brawny older brother and watching Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in movies drove Harris to want to look like them.
“I don’t want to be like a normal person,” Harris said. “I want to be the best that I can be.” His goal is to eventually be a spitting image of the famous American bodybuilder, Frank Zane.
Feather and Harris were both attracted to bodybuilding because it is unique and it allows them be independent.
“This sport requires the most discipline out of any other sport you could do,” Feather said. “It is not just you’re going to go play a game. It’s every day you have to do the exact same thing in order to get the results you desire.”
Harris described bodybuilding to be like perfection.
“If you want to find out what you are made of, it is the sport for you,” Harris said. “Basically we are like a sculpture.”
The pair said they would describe bodybuilding as an art, in the sense that they are molding their bodies.
“For example, a sculpture takes clay and molds it into a statue while chiseling away at it…when the artist goes to an art show they clean it up and present this ideal physique of a person in statue form,” Harris said.
“Bodybuilders do that over the course of the year, sculpting their own body to achieve the look of a perfect statue.”
Developing a brotherhood along the way has helped Feather and Harris push each other to their limits.
The constant bickering between the two about who was going to place first and second at the competition not only entertained their friends, but sparked a new level of intensity.
In the end, it did not matter to them ,as long as they were the last two standing and only got beat by each other.
This is just the beginning of an exciting career.
Aspiring to become professionals someday, Feather and Harris have their sights set on competitions next year to continue their passion while gaining more experience.