Ask Adalyn: Sorority trouble

Written by Muleskinner Staff

There’s a girl in my sorority who thinks everyone likes her, but really no one does. She isn’t a nice person and she has a grudge out for a really good friend of mine who hasn’t done anything to hurt her. I support my friend 100 percent, but this has gone on long enough. What can I do to help?
Well, if you want some sort of change the best way is to talk to this girl. Either you or your friend need to calmly explain the situation and ask her what’s up with the cold shoulder. If she gets rude, mean or snappy toward you don’t be afraid to walk away. Toxic people only hurt the people around them if you let them, and it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Keep on supporting your friend – she needs some- one like you to help her out when she’s being affected by this girl.
As for the sorority, if a lot of people don’t like her then they see her for who she truly is and it doesn’t seem like she is a beautiful person on the inside. The other girls feel the same way as you do, so be comforted by that. Maybe she’ll give up on holding the grudge, maybe not. But life is too short to be worried by just one girl who has a bad attitude in college.
Best of luck to you! Truly,
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