Confessions of a Republican

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Craig Goza, for The Muleskinner—
Craig Goza is a senior public relations major at UCM. He plans to attend law school and eventually run for political office.
I believe in this country and the importance of voting.
America is the greatest country on Earth and I am proud to be a patriot.
I don’t know if the founding fathers realized they not only created a country, and government system, but also an idea. I still believe in hope.
I recognize the different viewpoints of the Democratic and Republican Parties.
As a Catholic I tend to lean right based on my religious beliefs on a number of topics.
However, I also recognize that both Democrats and Republicans are good people who share strong convictions, albeit differing opinions, on what is best for this country.
This is a very important election, as are all presidential elections. On one hand, we have the president of the United States trying to win the election for a second term.
As president, he was able to accomplish a number of things, including health care reform, ending the war in Iraq, bringing troops home from Afghanistan, and he has been very strong against terrorism.
His plan addresses the changes needed to grow the economy, rebuild the infrastructure, reform immigration laws, improvements to the education system, and he created incentives for companies to bring jobs back to the United States.
His positions may be better for the middle class. I also recognize his role in the failure to unite the Congress and in the slower-than-expected recovery.
However, he continues to have a vision for the future, and we appear to be moving forward in the right direction.
Then we have Mitt Romney, the alternative choice.
This is the man that is supposed to represent me.
As a candidate, he has largely failed to paint a clear path. In fact, on a number of issues he has changed his position, retracted his statements, and agrees with the president.
All of this makes it more difficult to believe that he can be more successful at running our country.
Throughout the campaign, he has attempted to appeal to his audience and by doing so, has lacked any real substance with his positions.
For example, he insinuated that 47 percent of the American people are a leech on our society versus recognizing who that 47 percent represents.
This is perhaps the most disappointing statement by Romney.
Now the three debates are over and the election is around the corner.
I am not sure what Romney can change with undecided voters.
I am also pretty convinced I am not undecided and plan to vote for the person who I believe will keep us on the right plan.
So yes, four more years.