You are not alone on insurance costs

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,

Are you considering not signing up for health insurance during this enrollment period?  I can see why this would be an attractive option.  After all, you would be saving money and, at the same time, striking a blow for personal freedom.

I once heard a young man say, “If I decide to not get insurance and then I get sick, I’m on my own.”
That’s not really true.
If, heaven forbid, you are hurt in a accident you will be picked up and taken to a hospital where you will receive emergency treatment whether you can pay for it or not.  If you are unconscious or in enough pain, you won’t refuse this treatment.
In order to cover the cost of that treatment, the hospital will charge insurance companies more for the patients that they cover.  The insurance company will, in turn make me pay a higher premium – in effect, I’ll be paying for your treatment.
You’re not on your own.  You’re a part of the fabric of American society and you will be treated and I will pay for it, whether I want to or not.
And, believe it or not, I want to.
I want to belong to a country that will take care of everyone.  I want you to have the treatment you need, if and when you need it.  However, if you have the ability to carry this burden on your own, please take it off my shoulders.
Accept your individual responsibility.  Follow the mandate and buy your own health insurance.
Peggy Nuckles