Blackbox Theatre opens Sept. 12 at UCM

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) — The Blackbox Theatre is back in action, opening the season with three one-act plays directed, designed and performed by University of Central Missouri students.
The one-acts performed will be “Strawberry Envy” by Kitty Johnson, “Speak Now” by Seth Kramer, and “Tone Clusters” by Joyce Carol Oats.  The plays are scheduled for Sept. 12-14 in the Blackbox Theatre, located on the first floor of Nickerson Hall.
Admission is $1 and is open to the public. Doors will open at 7 p.m. and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Due to the size of the space and limited seating, arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the show is encouraged. Children under the age of 5 will not be admitted to the shows.
“Strawberry Envy” by Kitty Johnson, directed by Emma Faszholz with Tanya Wilson as technical director, tells the story of a customer at a roadside fruit stand who may be interested in more than strawberries. The woman’s male companion is an alluring figment of her imagination and she eventually lets go of the fantasy male and sees the nice, ordinary guy in front of her selling fresh strawberries. The cast includes Arista Fleming as Emily, Steven M.  Covert as the Man in White, and Dalton Pittenger as Craig.
“Speak Now” by Seth Kramer, directed by Haley Hrabe, with Dain O’Connor as technical director, focuses on the biggest day of Casey’s life, only she’s locked on a roof across the street from the church where her wedding just started. Harold, the guy who got them into this mess, must come up with a plan to save the day or face the fact that he just ruined Casey’s wedding. The cast includes Hannah Michaelree as Casey and Carter Higgs as Harold.
“Tone Clusters” by Joyce Carol Oates, directed by Taylor Hudson with Austin Hook serving as technical director, focuses on Frank and Emily who are a nice couple with a house and nice neighborhood. They are interviewed by an  unseen interrogator and their story emerges: The body of a 14-year-old girl was found in their basement and their son is charged with the murder. The cast includes Stephanie Laaker as Emily, David Docktor as Frank, and Katie Turnbow as the Voice.
For more information, contact the UCM Theatre Department at 660-543-4020.