Judge: Kansas City streetcar proposal legal

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(KANSAS CITY, Mo., AP) — A Jackson County judge has ruled that Kansas City’s proposal for a new tax district to extend streetcar lines is legal.

The Kansas City Star reports (http://bit.ly/1hOLf9I) that Jackson County Circuit Judge Marco Roldan ruled Thursday that the city’s petition for the new streetcar district can be put to the voters. Roldan determined the district is not legally defective or unconstitutional and that the proposed funding methods don’t pose an undue burden on specific property owners.
The ruling is a step toward expanding the streetcar system, which now is limited to a downtown line that will run from River Market to near Union Station. The limited line is expected to open late next year.
Unless there’s an appeal, the ruling appears to clear the way for an election Aug. 5.